Synflex for Dogs

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Discover an easy way to get rid of your dog's arthritic pain in a few days.

· Clinically Proven Joint Care Supplement
· Easy to use as it is in liquid form
· Restores dented joints
· Improves mobility
· Quick Relief
· No risky side effects
· Doctor Recommended.
· Money back Guarantee

Synflex for Dogs

Synflex for Dogs

Customer Speak: 

“I put our dog on Synflex since she is 7 yrs., and was getting reluctant about jumping in the car. Now she flies into the back seat!”
- Kathy

“I have been using Synflex for my German Shepherd, Shaylah, who turned twelve on November 4th. She had been waking up so stiff in the mornings that she would come out on her elbows, crying out in pain. I've used many other medications, to no avail. This stuff is amazing! She's so much better, it's unbelievable. Today she was out running with my five grandchildren. A month ago, I was worried that she might not be with us much longer due to her arthritis. 
Thank you so much!”
- Luanne

Synflex is a breakthrough discovery in the world of arthritis, joint pain, and cartilage inflammation that works fast yet is safe for your dog. If you are fed up with the remedies that do not live up to their claims, Synflex could be an effective way out to wipe out to your dog’s arthritic pain.

If your dog is no longer as active as before, if he hesitant to play around with you or if he even resists touch, it mat be because of arthritis pain. Arthritis occurs due to the damage of the cartilage in the muscle joints. It causes inflammation and hence difficulty in movement. Syn-flex, a joint care supplement is formulated exclusively for your dog with easy-to-administer and safe method. It’s designed with first-rate pharmaceutical quality Glucosamine along with ten other components including fish oils.

What makes Synflex better than other products? 

Synflex for Dogs

Synflex for Dogs

Most Glucosamine products today come as pills or powders which cannot be absorbed in completely by the body. Whereas Synflex is a combination of liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL that has absorption rate of 80-85%. It helps restore the damaged cartilage, decrease tenderness and recover mobility.

Each dog produces a certain amount of glucosamine within its body. As the dog grows older, the capacity of the body to produce enough glucosamine goes down, and hence the cartilage in the joints like hips where the weight of the body exerts pressure, are damaged. They then become hard and form bone spurs, causing pain, deformed joints, limited joint movement and limping.

Dogs which are treated with Glucosamine products in the form of capsules or pills take six to ten weeks to show noticeable results. Syn-flex on the other hand, gives evident improvement within ten to fourteen days. Hence it works much faster than most other glucosamine products available on the market. 
While other similar products are usually formulated with a maximum of three to four ingredients, Synflex contains eleven ingredients that work collectively to provide effective relief by decreasing the inflammation and help in rebuilding the damaged cartilage. Liquid glucosamine sulfate and HCL are the major components on Synflex besides, shark cartilage containing 20% chondroitin sulfate, boswellin, yucca powder, manganese ascorbate, bromelain, vitamin C, omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Undoubtedly, the ingredients themselves play a key role by helping your dog fight the arthritic pain effectively. 


Certified ingredients per 1/4 oz. Syn-flex is as follows:

1250 mg

Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate

25 mg

Shark Cartilage (20% Chondroitin Sulfate)

8 mg 


3 mg

Yucca Powder

5 mg

Manganese (Ascorbate)

1 mg 


5 mg

Vitamin C

5 mg

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

1.67 mg

mg Omega 6 Fatty Acid

80 IU

Vitamin A

2 IU 

Vitamin E

More Success Stories: 

“I discovered your product on the internet… Synflex for dogs, I said "what the heck, let me give it a try!" 

Well I ordered 3 bottles of Synflex, I just started the second bottle and Winston is like a new dog, he's 13 years old, but he is moving much better, wants to take longer walks. His whole quality of life has improved immensely!!! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Winston's Mom


Synflex for Dogs

Synflex for Dogs

"I have a dog, Ben, who will be 16 years old in February. This past summer his rear hips were really beginning to fail. He couldn't walk up 4 stairs without his hind legs collapsing. Ben started using Synflex, and within a week, I saw a noticeable improvement. Now, Ben actively romps and frolics around the yard with our 10 month old puppy and 5 year old pekingese. He jumps up on the picnic table with ease,, goes for rides in the golf cart, getting in and out with no help, follows me around the yard while I mow on the riding mower. I just can't give enough testimonial on how well this REALLY works. I'm basically at a loss of words". 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the makers of Synflex. Every dog and cat should have Synflex in their stockings this year!!

Ben (Ginny & Bob Brownson)
Punta Gorda, FL

How is Syn-flex effective?

Syn-flex is one of the most effective arthritic medications available on the market today.
It is medically verified to be greatly helpful in reducing arthritic pain in your dog. 

· Clinically Proven Joint Care Supplement
The Glucosamine used in the making of Synflex is of best pharmaceutical quality that is proven to be highly advantageous in treating arthritis.

· Easy to use as it is in liquid form
Since Syn-flex is in liquid form, it is easily taken up in the food. You can easily it mix with your dog’s food.

· Gives maximum aid in restoring the dented joints.

Glucosamine present in Synflex helps rebuild and repair the damaged cartilage thereby improving the mobility.

· Quick Relief.
While other similar products on the market take several weeks to give relief, Synflex effectively promotes joint and cartilage health within a few days.

· Safe. No risky side effects.
Synflex is an all-natural and safe product. Includes essential fatty acids and fish oils.

You can just mix Synflex with your dog’s food. A majority of dogs like its taste too!
The dosage is based on the weight of your dog. Please refer the chart below for dosage.

Weight of Pet (lbs.) 

 Recommended Daily Dosage (Double first ten days)

Bottle will last (days)

0-10 1/32 oz.

 (Approx. 0.2 teaspoons)


10-40 1/16 oz. 

(Approx. 0.4 teaspoons)


40-100 1/8 oz. 

 (0.75 teaspoons) 


100 and up 1/4 oz. 

 (1.5 teaspoons)




Synflex America, Inc. – Company Info: 


Synflex America Inc., a Florida corporation, was set up in 1999 by President and Owner J.R. Rogers to market Synflex, a quality glucosamine arthritis medication for dogs. Since then, Synflex America Inc. has grown to become the largest direct-to-consumer supplier of liquid glucosamine in the world. Our finest quality liquid glucosamine formula Syn-flex is sold with a full and timely money-back guarantee. Up to three bottles may be returned for any reason, for a prompt refund. We are quite confident in the power of Synflex to promise that guarantee to you.


Team Synflex America:
J.R. Rogers, President & CEO
Ray Garcia, General Counsel
Gina Sadoski, Senior Assistant
Teodor Talov, IT/Webmaster
Anne Davis, Wholesale
John Sudnik, Fulfillment

Synflex for Dogs

Synflex for Dogs

Doctor Recommended.
Money back Guarantee.

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You have 1-month Money-Back Guarantee

You can try a 32-day supply of Syn-flex for just $28.85. If you don't see a helpful result within 32 days return it for a full and timely refund.
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How is Synflex most effective?
Synflex is formulated with extreme care to provide effective relief. The liquid glucosamine used in Synflex is 98% pure. Each batch of Synflex goes through a laboratory examination to ensure it is of high quality. Its liquid form is a plus as it is well absorbed by the body in order to give quick relief.

Synflex for Dogs

Synflex for Dogs

How can I buy Synflex?

You can order via our website or if you are outside the United States, you can use international order form. You can pay by credit card, check or money order.
Or you can call us at (941) 778-2155 between 9am and 5pm EST Monday through Friday, 
Or mail a check or money order to:
Synflex America, Inc.
5358 Gulf Drive
Holmes Beach, FL 34217

What is Glucosamine?
Glucosamine is an amino sugar molecule normally used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is a natural sugar synthesized by the body. It absorbs and release water with each step, thereby acting as a shock absorber for the joints. More glucosamine in the body gives better joint protection.

Will my dog like the taste of Synflex?
A majority of dogs like the taste and also the usage is easy. You can just mix it with your dog’s food.

I live outside the U.S., how can I purchase Syn-flex®?
Synflex is shipped internationally at a charge of $6.00 for the first bottle and $3 each additional bottle. You can order an 8-ounce, 32-day of Syn-flex® for just $35.95.

Who is Synflex America?
Synflex America Inc., a Florida corporation, was set up in 1999 by President and Owner J.R. Rogers to market Synflex, a quality glucosamine arthritis medication for dogs. Since then, Synflex America Inc. has grown to become the largest direct-to-consumer supplier of liquid glucosamine in the world.


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Syn-flex is one the most effective joint care products available today.